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MG1-3084-050 Touch Panel Assembly
Condition: Refurbished

Manufacturer: Canon
SKU: CA-MG1-3084-000-S
MPN: MG1-3084-050

Canon Scanner Part: MG1-3084-050 Touch Panel Assembly
MF1-3992-000 Control Upper Panel Qty: 1
MF1-3993-000 Switch Button Qty: 1
MH6-3045-000 Touch Panel Qty: 1
MA2-5653-000 Masking Sheet LCD Qty: 1
MA2-5655-000 Touch Panel Sheet Qty: 1
MG1-3079-000 LCD Flexible Cable Assembly Qty: 1
MA2-5654-000 Touch Panel Boss Qty: 2
MH6-3046-000 LCD Display Panel Qty: 1
WE8-5147-000 Noise Filter Qty: 1
MH2-5284-000 Main Display Cable Assembly Qty: 1
MG1-2814-000 Variable Resister PCB Assembly Qty: 1
WT2-5056-000 Cable Clamp Qty: 4
MA2-5656-000 Cable Shield Plate Qty: 1
MG1-3066-000 PCB Assembly Display Qty: 1
MA2-5648-000 LCD Plate Qty: 1
MA2-5652-000 Inverter Plate Qty: 1
MG1-3078-000 Inverter Cable Assembly Qty: 1
MH3-5009-000 Inverter Qty: 1
MF1-3995-000 Control Lower Cover Qty: 1
MA2-5657-000 Stopper Shaft Qty: 1
MA2-5649-000 Control Foot Qty: 2
MA9-5133-000 TP Tapping Screw M3x8 Qty: 2
WT2-0507-000 Nylon Holder Cable Qty: 2
XA9-0385-000 Screw Qty: 4
WE8-5147-000 Noise Filter Qty: 2
XB1-2200-407 BH M2x4 Screw Qty: 7
XB1-2200-807 BH M2x8 Screw Qty: 3
XB1-2250-807 BH M2point5x8 Screw Qty: 1
XB1-2300-607 BH M3x6 Screw Qty: 5
XB4-7300-609 Tap Binding Head M3x6 Screw Qty: 2
Price:  $300.00


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MG1-3084-050 Touch Panel Assembly

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