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How to Clean Glass on Your Scanner

Verticle lines in the scanned image are usually the result of dusty or dirty glass. To prevent streaks in scanned images caused by dirty glass, clean the glass on your scanner at least every two weeks. Frequency and duration of the scanner's use may make it necessary to clean the glass more or less often. Follow the steps below to safely clean your scanner's glass.

Determine Whether The Glass on Your Scanner Can be Removed

Bell & Howell scanners often have removable glass flats. This allows you to replace the glass if it becomes etched, and makes for easy cleaning. Most other scanner brands do not have removable glass flats. For these scanners, you should simply wipe the glass while it is still in the scanner, taking care to remove any smudges and dirt.
Removing the Glass Flat from the Scanner

  1. CAUTION: Take care when handling the glass flat. Twisting, bending or forcing it may cause it to break.
  2. Make sure that the power switch on the scanner is turned to "off". This will turn off all lamps and motors. You should also disconnect the power cord from the back panel of the scanner.
  3. Locate the scanner cover release button(s). While holding down the release button(s), gently open the scanner cover as far as you can.
  4. Locate the glass flat (check the manual for your particular scanner).
  5. Remove the glass flat by grasping its handle and slowly pulling it in a horizontal motion out of the scanner. Be careful not to bend or twist the glass as you remove it.

Cleaning Techniques

  1. Check the glass for chips, cracks and other defects. If you find defects, the glass flat needs to be replaced.
  2. To clean the glass, use a lint free cloth dampened with scanner glass cleaner to gently wipe away dust and dirt. It may take several passes of the wipe to get the glass clean.

Replacing the Glass Flat into the Scanner

  1. Make sure the glass is free from dirt, dust and streaks.
  2. Carefully place it back into the scanner and close the scanner cover.
  3. Reconnect the power cord, turn the scanner on, and you are ready to go!